Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Way too late!

It is now 12.35, I should so be in bed right now. I am talking to Kelsi Carson,Matthew Phiefffy,Garrett Bailey, and Lymarie Yong. Lots of people! Hahah. I am also talking to this guy named Curtis, who apparently loves me sooo much from what Kelsi and Kenzie says... CREEEPY. I am also listening to music, Christian music of course! (: Nothing is Impossibleeeeeeee! Ohkay so I just found out that Kelsey Yvars has a picture of me that she took of me when I was sleeping, and I have no idea what it looks like. And she said it was blackmail !Oh no ! lol Thats not cool. I really wish I could fall asleep but I cant! Hahah this isn't good at all. Oh well, well talk to you later! More later. <3


  1. Haha Curtis does love you! Did you see on that status thing you posted about the "kiss, love, like, hate" thing. And he liked it. Hahaha, oh Curtis.

  2. Oh how I love your randomness. Almost as much as I love you!