Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21st 2010!

Pretty boring I will have to say. But I did get to go to target and get me some new bed room shoes that are very comfortable and very cute! Cute and cute! ;) After Target me and my sister went to sonic and got something to eat then we stayed there in the parking lot waiting for my dad to come. And I parked near the big trash can was in the back, and there was 4 creepy guys on the picnic table staring at us! VERY CREEPY. We were there for like 40 mins... ha. Finally our dad came and we went back outside to sonic and had an ice cream with my dad for fathers day. And we gave him a present and a card for fathers day. We got him a wallet! Which he really did need, his wallet he was using was tearing and splitting in half! Terrible haha. Then we came home and now I am on the computer and my sister is packing for her cruise she is going on this week. That was my day! (:

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